Jennifer Bagley, CEO CI Web Group, Keynote Speaker
Jennifer Bagley, CEO CI Web Group, Keynote Speaker

It was a great turnout for the NCI 2019 Summit Conference. CEO, Jennifer Bagley, keynote speaker, grow hacker whisperer, traveling digital nomad, HVAC digital marketing strategist expert, gave an inspiring keynote presentation focused on how to make progress and become a leader in marketing your business.

Jennifer discussed the many aspects of strategic thinking and mindset. Emphasizing on what you:

  • Think
  • Know
  • Do

Create what you

  • Are
  • Are not
  • Have
  • Have not

The importance of your belief window is always connected to what are you tied to.

  • How have you been programmed?
  • Are your beliefs helping or hurting you?

Doing versus Thinking Balance was stressed:

I Promise To Protect and Leverage My Time, Money, Resources, Relationships, and Technology. Jennifer Bagley

Presentation Slide Deck: