branding package

branding package

branding package

branding package

Branding Audit:

Your business needs a brand that clearly showcases your company name.  Including a unique symbol or icon helps people easily recognize and connect with your company.  This brand should have 2 – 3 html colors that are used throughout all marketing and advertising elements. Your marketing company should help you create a branding requirements document specifying all the required elements to be used when designing or developing any materials for your business.  It’s important to use a professional branding company and legal firm to ensure your brand is unique and not subject to any legal suit.

Initial Baseline Assessment – Today’s Date: ________________

Simple Branding Guide: (comprehensive branding guidelines are much more detailed)

For Web For Print
Color Code (Primary): __________________

Color Code (Accent):__________________

Color Code (Backdrops):________________

Primary Web Safe Font:_________________

Secondary Web Safe Font :______________

Tertiary Web Safe Font : ________________

Color Code (Primary):__________________

Color Code (Accent):__________________

Color Code (Backdrops):________________

Primary Font :__________________

Secondary Font :__________________

Tertiary Font :__________________


Check all that apply to your business today – meaning, these exist or are valid today.

What Branding Elements do you have for your business?

  • Professionally Designed Wordmark (letters)
  • Professionally Designed Brandmark (symbol or icon)
  • Iconic Logo (Wordmark and Brand Mark)
    • List of Color Codes for your Branding Guidelines
    • Favicon
    • PSD Format File
    • PNG Format File / PDF Format File White Background/Black Background
    • Vector Format File
  • Magnets/Stickers
  • Truck Wrap
  • Email Signature
  • Yard Signs
  • Business Cards with logo, phone, website, name, business email
  • Letterhead
  • Branded Invoices
  • Branded Shirts
  • Branded Building/Signage

Below are five characteristics of a great logo and some examples.

  • Simple. Simple logos are the ones people can recognize as soon as they see them.
  • Scalable. A great logo should be simple enough to be able to be scaled down or up and still look good.
  • Memorable / Impactful.
  • Versatile. Favicon, Mobile Version, Web, Print, Large Format Vector.
  • Relevant.

Wordmark Logo

A wordmark, word mark, or logotype is usually a distinct text-only typographic treatment of the name of a company incorporated as a simple graphic treatment to create a clear, visually memorable identity.

  • Lettermark Logo

A lettermark is a typography-based logo that’s comprised of a few letters, usually a company’s initials. Thelettermark is all about simplicity.

  • Brand Mark logo

Departing from the use of text alone, a brand mark symbol uses a strong graphic, which is often abstract, to highlight an aspect of the product or service the business sells.

Iconic Logo A marriage of a brand mark symbol with a wordmark, iconic logos are also referred to as combination logos.

Branding Standards Guides