Google Business Listing Setup

Google Business Listing Setup

There’s nothing worse than a customer searching for your business on Google and you not showing up. The best way to solve this issue, once and for all, is to set up a Google My Business Listing (GBL, for short). 

When consumers search online for a business name, it is called a direct search. Direct searches have a higher likelihood of evolving into a lead. This is someone that maybe has done business with you before, maybe they saw your beautifully-wrapped van driving past, or it could even be someone who received a recommendation from a friend. Basically, you WANT this lead. You need to be an option on Google for your own business name!

Once your Google My Business is live, you will have the opportunity to be an option for discovery searches. Discovery searches are when consumers find your listing searching for a category, product, or service. In order to be an option for these users, you must have your GBL showcasing the proper categories, attributes, phone number(s), service area, images, videos, and sometimes even more. 

The last kind of search is the branded search where consumers find your listing by searching for a brand related to your business. A lot of contractors work with a specific brand and advertise that brand on their website. This metric allows a business to see how many users find them because of that affiliation. 

Once a user finds your Google My Business Listing, they can choose to call, get directions, or visit your website. GBL Insights track this information so you can know exactly where people are viewing your business. When you pair this information with your Google Analytics information, you can get a wonderful bird’s eye view of where your traffic is coming from.

At CI Web Group, we help you set up your Google My Business Listing, give you the tools to manage the listing, and keep you updated on best practices. Our goal is to help you succeed!