HVAC Nearby Now Leads NearbyHVAC Nearby Now Leads NearbyNearbyNow, Leads Nearby, etc. – It’s all the same!

How it Works

While there are many different brands the Nearby Now system operates under through various private label agreements, we decided to promote it under its actual name, Nearby Now because it’s the best (we refer to it as NBN).  We didn’t create it, but we have compared its power to many other review systems and it’s beyond powerful when it comes to:

What the App Does (And it’s the ONLY app that does all of these things)

  1. Acquiring Reviews Where it Matters!  On your Website!
  2. The Reviews are By Invite Only and Collected via a Text Message when you are with the client or via email later (after the appointment)
  3. Reviews can be re-routed where it’s needed for the best conversions – I.e. Boost your Google Listing and Facebook, in addition to many more.
  4. Respond to reviews directly through the NBN Backoffice.
  5. Being able to create constant content through Checkins by City (the fastest way to get your city pages built)
  6. The Content is completely crawable on your website (best for SEO work)
  7. The Reviews are completely Schema Compliant and can allow us to request Google to index the stars and showcase them in your search results.
  8. Optional Integrations with Service Titan, Field Edge, and many more Contractor/Dispatch Systems through web hooks.
  9. Google Business App allows you to monitor all reviews to your Google Business Listing through NBN backoffice.
  10. Superior Reporting – Evaluate Techs Requests, Reviews and Checkins through the Leaderboard. View Traffic by by source and city to watch your progress!

What our Agency Managed Services provide:

  1. By creating Content by City, we will create unlimited City Pages featuring your Reviews and Checkins.
  2. We can leverage these pages of content for Search Engine Optimization strategies to get your company found for your primary services in unlimited cities (without having to buy content for every single city/town you want to serve).
  3. Eventually. when we have added all the cities and done all the possible SEO, you can downgrade to the app only version of “NBN”.
  4. We can track the rankings of those systems through our SEO Tracking System – AWR (Advanced Web Rankings).

How the Pages Rank and Showcase Reviews on Google (Schematic Markup)

Nearby Now Results Page

HVAC Marketing Clients Received Preferred Dealer Pricing (discounted rates)

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Nearby Now Reviews and SEO by City