CI Web Group Results Plan | 12 Step Roadmap

Basic Results Plan

The Results Plan is designed to leverage the 12 Step Roadmap to Achieve Accelerated Results for a single PPL (Page, Phrase, and Location), ultimately to drive your ROI for that service. This is done by focusing on specific High Leverage Activities and Key Performance Indicators to research, implement, measure, and refine our efforts month over month to drive results. Once you start competing for the top 3 positions on Google, the game completely changes and the competition is tough! Is it worth the investment? If you are on page 1 of Google your impressions (the percentage of people searching for your services who happen to see your website increases by over 95%). What does that mean? You could be sitting on page 2, position 1 and you may have only 3% of the impression share for that PPL and by moving to page 1 position 3 you now own 98% of the search volume making your investment start producing the return you need.

| 12 Step Roadmap

Your investment strategy: Choose the PPL (single page/product/location) you agree is worth the investment to achieve accelerated results. This PPL has a specific population and competition level that will dictate which plan you need to compete with. Each of these areas poses completely different strategies based on the community, brand loyalty, buyer persona, and audience in your target area for the requested PPL.

Your investment is based on actual competition for the PPL and the total number of PPL’s you choose to invest in. 

The goal is to implement the most effective marketing and sales page, then have the freedom to choose how we execute various Search Engine Marketing strategies within the 12 Step Roadmap to make that page rank, retain and convert new leads.  

These strategies, tactics, and systems will be turned on and off as needed to drive progress with a focused set of key performance indicators; page rank, impressions, impression share, lead conversions. When you are ready to expand, our team will review these KPIs and make data-driven decisions on how to best leverage your budget to improve the agreed to KPIs related to your in-plan PPLs. 

Set Up / One Time Option

  1. Agree on a page/product/location
  2. Upgrade the targeting page with CI advanced page builder and other custom conversions pages on an ad hoc basis
  3. Complete your Results Plan Onboarding Form
  4. Complete a Target Audience Evaluation 
  5. Create a brand voice & personality
  6. Write your SEO content for the page 
  7. Agree on your promotions for the page/service by quarter/season
  8. Build in Call to Action

Monthly / Annual Option


  • PPL Account Manager, Analyst & Strategist

  • PPL Website Administrator for ongoing changes and additions

  • PPL Page and Mobile Design Optimization

    • Tips

    • FAQ

    • Reviews

    • Promotions

    • Call to Actions

    • Countdowns

    • Galleries

    • Work

    • Additional Content

    • Authority Badges

    • Video

  • PPL On-page SEO

  • PPL Off-page SEO / link-building

  • PPL Content optimization and interior linking

  • PPL Conversion rate optimization

  • PPL Content Writing/Building or Improvements for the in-plan page(s)

  • PPL Reporting 

  • PPL Call Tracking and Conversions