When is it the best time for my home services business to invest in HVAC PPC?

Do you want to hear the cold, hard truth? There’s NEVER a perfect time to invest in Pay Per Click for your HVAC business. Once you’ve launched your high-converting website, your first line of attack should always be your organic reach. That’s what will ultimately safeguard you from your competition, who are equally eager to  invest their hard-earned money for the same prospects and leads. Here at HVAC Marketing Websites, we typically advise our clients to solidify their SEO position and then turn to PPC Campaigns for heating and cooling (HVAC) contractors. This doesn’t mean that PPC would be beneficial for a small HVAC company under certain set of specific circumstances. The truth’s in the numbers and data.

Google AdWords services by HVAC Marketing Websites

Our Google AdWords services – an advertising solution by Google that’s used as a platform for online advertising – include Pay Per Click advertising services. This allows you to only pay a fee based on how many clicks your advertisement receives.

To put it simply, your budget depends on your audience reached. This means that you aren’t paying a fee for an Ad that no one is seeing, or interested in – so you’re definitely getting your money’s worth in advertising. You only pay if a user clicks on the Ad and reaches your website, meaning they are at least a little interested in the services your company offers. 

Google Adwords strategies also help your Pay Per Click Ad reach your target demographic, making it visible to users searching relevant keywords and services similar to those you offer. You also get to customize the demographics of your target audience, by language and location, making the target audience relevant to the services and service area your HVAC company services. 

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Google Service Ads

Google Guarantee Ads verify and badge Ads of companies that are valid, licensed, insured, and legitimate. When users search for HVAC companies in your service area and come across your Ad, they are more likely to click on it and consider your company because of the Google Guarantee badge that will appear, certifying your company as legitimate by Google. This peace of mind helps online users become paying customers, by allowing them the knowledge that your company is serious, insured, and not a scam.

Social Media Marketing

Unlike the olden days, you can no longer rely on word of mouth and traditional advertising to get the word out about your business and services. Social Media Advertising is one of the most successful marketing strategies of the modern era, due to the amount of time and attention people pay to social media. They are far more likely to find your Facebook Ad than your Ad in a newspaper. This is why HVAC Marketing Websites specializes in Social Media Marketing including Facebook Ads, to help your company reach a wider audience. 

Social Media Marketing also allows people to find your Ads through searching for relevant services online – which is the method most people use these days when looking for services – and allows people to tag and send your Ad to their friends, creating an influx in your audience. Social Media Marketing allows you to interact with potential customers in the comments, allowing them to address concerns and queries conveniently via instant messaging and comments, which many people find easier than making a phone call. This familiarity increases the likelihood that they will choose your company over another company that they aren’t familiar with.

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HVAC Marketing Websites, Tried & Tested Advertising for HVAC Companies

At HVAC Marketing Websites, our goal is to help your HVAC company reach new heights, and wider audiences in the appropriate market segment, with our proven marketing and advertising strategies. 

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