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Potency Of SMS Marketing For HVAC Contractors

Ever considered leveraging SMS for your HVAC business? Communicating with your customers at a sky-high (around 98%) open rate is a unique opportunity that shouldn’t be allowed to go down the drain. The truth is that email is inferior to SMS marketing and remarketing, simply because the latter is more personal and intrusive.

Finally! They Get To Read What You Want To Communicate

For better or worse, HVAC contractors have a lot going on on a daily basis. Trying to gain new customers while providing the best service for your current customers, your qualified technicians to manage, a budget to keep up with and the various pieces of technology you have to monitor so everything runs properly and smoothly 24/7.

The most stressful is the high level of competition against other HVAC contractors in your area! However, there is a new, innovative and simple way to get your HVAC business rolling. Welcome to the world of SMS Marketing. Yes, almost every person these days owns some sort of smartphone. And texting has been the preferred way of communicating since mobile phones first got started.

How To Get Started

There are several ways for HVAC contractors to succeed with SMS marketing. Let’s start with new leads. In the HVAC industry, you can only have your services used by current customers ever so often, so it is super important that you generate plenty of new leads month in and month out. 

These leads turn into your new loyal customers. The question still lingers though, how does sms marketing help you get those new leads?

You can now allow your customers to text you in real time from your HVAC website through a widget called SMS Chat. You also have the option to set up an auto responder automation which will then send a link automatically to your calendar as a reply and this is how leads can book their appointments on their own or you could manually reply with an option of openings. 

You then prompt prospective customers to text you for a discount code! E.g. “Text us for 20% off annual servicing!” Keywords play an important role here, your promotion could say “Text Best HVAC for 20% off!” The response of the SMS is an instant coupon. You can also offer your customers promotional offers according to the season, as well as any other information about your business. By doing this, it makes your customers feel appreciated and they become the point of focus.

Believe it or not, SMS marketing for HVAC contractors also generates word of mouth. New customers are generated this way by existing customers to who you have sent an SMS regarding any service of value you have to offer. Existing customers then spread this information to friends, family, and colleagues! Boom – Leads generated! Not to mention the tons of positive reviews you can receive from a simple and automated SMS campaign.

The Mechanics Behind SMS Marketing For The HVAC Industry

Did you know that not less than 30% of people actually answer their phone calls from numbers they do not recognize? An email response takes an average of about 12 hours. And a voicemail? Most people don’t even bother. However, on average, SMS’s are read within five minutes of being sent! This makes SMS marketing an improved form of communication. When building any long-term relationship, communication is the key component. 

Sending an SMS is a personal message from you to your customers and prospective customers. This SMS can be a simple thank you message after a service has been booked and completed, or letting them in on a secret sale by means of a discount coupon. SMS marketing also allows you to reach a larger number of people all at the same time. People generally always have their phone on hand so when your SMS is sent you can be assured it has been read and acknowledged. 

It is of vital importance that your database is correctly built. Apart from Data Protection purposes, it is for having your customers and prospective customers sign up to hear from you. Once they have opted in, your sales process has started! These opt in’s are already qualified potential and existing customers, they definitely want to hear from you so get SMSing! 

It’s also important that your SMS campaign always allows your customers an opportunity to unsubscribe from further communication with you. 

If you think all of this is expensive, think again, SMS marketing is an inexpensive method of communication. It can help your business immensely with your advertising budget.

But, It Doesn’t Simply Stop There!

It’s easy to realize the immense potential of SMS marketing for your HVAC business, as is simple to understand why reviews for HVAC companies and contractors help boost trust, and eventually, sales.

You may or may not be surprised to learn that the list of the marketing tools at your disposal is virtually endless.

More tools to expand your reach, and conquer your service areas:

Podium: Increasing your positive review count and expanding your loyal customer base requires you or your technicians to always strive to deliver a 5-star project. If you really want to be one of the best in your area, communication is key. For the best SMS marketing tool for your HVAC business, all you have to do is follow the link.

CallRail: Guesswork never made the dream work. One of the most frustrating things for digital marketers and clients alike, is not knowing if your advertising dollars are actually producing results. This finally belongs to the past, since now you can easily identify what portion of your marketing is working and how, by leveraging our amazing call tracking software. Learn more here.

Captivated:  Are you ready for your next customer service department transformation? Your customers now have more options than ever to get in touch with you. You give them the ability to live chat with your office staff, or choose to send a quick text right from your website. Feel free to set trigger words for automated responses! A few stellar examples that have worked wonders for our clients revolve around review requests and tune up payments! Learn more and check out our pricing here.

NearbyNow (NBN): This is a marvellous tool that helps boost your SEO efforts in each of your service areas, but its real magic is in breaking all barriers when it comes to effortless review acquisition. You know by now that reviews are the lifeblood of your business in a cutthroat online environment. It’s in your best interest to do everything you can to make each and every job end with a 5-star review. Depending on the personality of your technicians, the traditional method of asking for a review at the end of each job entails considerable risk. NearbyNow helps you send review requests by text, all on autopilot. Discover all the benefits of NearbyNow for HVAC contractors starting today.

Answering Service: The final item on this list rightfully earned its spot since it helps you meet your customers exactly where they’re at, at any given time. It gives you the ability to outsource your CSR team and make it even more personal with the help of artificial intelligence. Phone, web chat, SMS, social media requests, lead intake and screening, and last but not least appointment scheduling. These tasks take up tons of your valuable time, that’s the reason why we help you make all of that available to your prospects round the clock while you take care of other things like hiring and training. This solution is here to help you create a true work-life balance while not missing out on business opportunities. Learn more here.

Start happy conversations, boost engagement and get your profit margin soaring! Leverage tools that are proven to make your customers feel at ease. The potency of sms marketing for HVAC contractors is in the profits it reels in! Get in touch with our team today, and see for yourself why and how it works like clockwork. 

If you prefer to talk about one of our other popular solutions that invariably create more time and sales for our clients, schedule an appointment here, and we’ll take it from there.