Use Call Tracking Data to Make Data Driven Decisions

Close more paying customers by knowing which marketing efforts generate high quality leads. Assess current campaigns and make changes according to real numbers. 

  • Drive more phone calls
  • Insight into true cost per lead
  • Increase return on ad spend

Fine-Tune Your Customer Service

With call tracking, you’ll be able to see what works and what doesn’t with your CSRs. Use call recording to identify areas of improvement.

  • Respond to leads in seconds
  • Eliminate missed calls
  • Insight to have better conversations

The Features You Need

Every plan includes the following features:

  • Instant number setup
  • International phone numbers
  • Local numbers
  • Toll-free numbers
  • Port your numbers in
  • Call recording
  • Whisper messages
  • Greeting messages
  • Custom call-tagging
  • Simultaneous ring
  • Unlimited user accounts
  • Client accounts
  • Email summaries
  • Email call alerts
  • Advanced reporting
  • Dynamic phone numbers
  • Visitor & Keyword-level tracking
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Google AdWords Integration
  • Automated text replies

HVAC Call Tracking System

In a mobile world, more customers are connecting over the phone and we can empower you to tap into these valuable interactions to drive more paying customers, lower cost per lead, and increase ROI. How do we accomplish this? With our clients help of course, but there are some things that set us apart from all others out there such as :

  • Custom Call Flows
  • Business Text Messaging
  • Local and Toll Free Numbers
  • Keyword-Level Tracking
  • Advanced Reporting

Custom Flows

-Track phone calls down to the exact keyword they searched in Google Ads.

-Schedule calls to be delivered to certain clients and lead buyers based on time of day.

-Send calls to one number during work hours and then schedule them to route to a back up after after work hours

Business Text Messaging

-Send and receive text messages on your local numbers from your clients.

-Send and receive text messages with your customers from our dashboard or from directly inside your CRM.

-Create auto responses that will text your customers for certain events like a missed call.

-Reduce the number of leads you miss due to not answering the phone.

Local and Toll Free Numbers

-Forward calls directly to your clients without the need to reroute the calls thru IVR

-Ring multiple phones at the same time to ensure the calls get answered lightning fast.

-Create a custom whisper message so your clients or lead buyers know where the calls are coming from.

-Play a custom greeting message to your incoming callers to make your business sound professional.

Keyword-Level Tracking

-Track phone calls done to the keyword

-Optimize your Google Ads campaigns by seeing phone calls and text messages as conversions down to the keyword-level.

-Turn off expensive keywords that aren’t converting and increase spend on keywords that do convert.

Advanced Reporting

-View, export, and download reports that show all the data around your phone calls and text messages from Dashboard.

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