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Coming up with a tailored HVAC digital marketing plan for your home services business is next to impossible if you lack the right partner by your side. It really takes a team, and it definitely isn’t a one-man show. Your developers are all about speed, security and servers, while your designers are creative in nature. Different tasks should take place at the same time by someone who actually knows what it takes to rank a website on the first places of Google Search Engine Result Pages. When you sign up with HVAC Marketing Websites, you’re guaranteed to succeed. We’re partners with some of the biggest manufacturers in the nation, and chances are you will be able to use your marketing dollars (Accruals). Get in touch with our team, starting today.

Fastrack Plan Entry Basic Standard Preferred Platinum VIP
Monthly $500/Mo or $5500/Yr $800/Mo or $9000/Yr $1500/Mo or $17000/Yr $2250/Mo or $25000/Yr $3500/Mo or $39000/Yr $6000/Mo or $69000/Yr
Account Mgmt Entry Basic Standard Preferred Platinum VIP
Website Rad Site Rad Site Custom Site Custom Site Custom Site Custom Site
SEO Keywords 5 10 20 30 40 50
Target Cities 1 Location 1 Location 2 Locations 3 Locations 4 Locations 5 Locations
Content Monthly 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Page
High DA Link-building 15 20 45 70 95 120
Local Listings - - 40 Accounts 50 Accounts 60 Accounts 70 Accounts
Results Reporting Included Included Included Included Included Included
Monthly $500 $800 $1500 $2250 $3500 $6000
Yearly $5500 $9000 $17000 $25000 $39000 $69000

Free home services website and special pricing available for our preferred partners.
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Phase 1

Web. Tech. Brand.

Let’s get started by setting up a strong infrastructure so everything else you invest in is seeing maximum returns for the investment. Let’s ensure that we limit risk as much as possible during this phase.

Technology Infrastructure:

  1. Google Domains – Website Domain
  2. Google Apps/GSuite – Email Hosting
  3. Google Analytics
  4. Google Web Master
  5. Google Data Studio
  6. Google My Business
  7. YouTube Channel
  8. Strong Servers -Website Hosting, Maintenance, Security, SSL, CDN, Updates, Backups
  9. Code Optimization Team
  10. Schematic Markup Optimization Team
  11. Branding strategy/Guidelines

Website Infrastructure:

RAD SITE: (Rapid Application Development) – LINK

  • Great for 1st time website owners
  • Great for replacing a small website with 20 pages or less
  • Simple design
  • Easy editor
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Make Changes Yourself
  • Design can improve over time with Results Plan

AMP SITE: (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

  • Limited  to No Design
  • Limited or No 3rd Party Apps or Integrations
  • Developed for Speed
  • Limited Images – Only small compressed images
  • Lot’s of Content and a Strong SEO Plan
  • Conversion Rate Optimization Strategies (Results Plan)
  • No CMS or Easy Editor
  • Pay for Dev Changes as Needed

CUSTOM SITE: (Custom Designed Website with CMS)

  • Important for company with specific branding guidelines
  • Good brand recognition in community
  • Completely custom design
  • Slower load times because of design elements
  • More established company with more 3rd party integrations

eCommerce / Transactional Website: LINK

  • Designed for Services (strong content needed) Conversions
  • Designed for Product Conversions (product catalog needed)
  • Designed for Subscriptions (monthly recurring subscriptions)
  • Integrated with to sell Products, Services, Recurring Subscriptions and Systems

In all cases – make sure your website is not 2 years or older – technology changes too fast to stay in the same technology. Technology is retired as new logic replaces it… Your marketing dollars will depreciate if your technology becomes outdated.

Phase 1

Pase 2

Content Strategy

Clearly Define Content strategy necessary for growth.

Initiate Product Planning and Inventory List

  1. List Services you want to sell
  2. List Cities you want to sell them
  3. List Search Terms Consumers use frequently
  4. List Frequently Asked Questions
  5. What Products do you have pages of content for?
  6. What services do you already have content for?
  7. What target locations (cities) do you already have unique content for?
  8. What FAQ’s do you already have unique content for? 
  9. What products, service, services variations, and locations do you want to compete for but you do NOT have any content or pages?
  10. Do you have any pages on page 2 of Google for a highly searched term in a city you wish to serve (low hanging fruit)?

Complete Research

  1. Research frequency of search term
  2. Research timing of search term usage
  3. Research frequency of search term by city you wish to sell
  4. Research number of competing pages for each search term and city 
  5. Research the SWOT for each competitor currently ranking on page 1 for each search term
  6. Prioritize your search terms (services) and geo targets (cities) based on what can generate cash the fastest (produce the most probable ROI in the shortest duration possible based on your starting point, what you are willing to invest and the competition you wish to beat).

Implement Monthly Content Writing and Publishing Strategy

  1. Rural Area or page you wish to improve – Add 300 words of SEO Content. $100
  2. Low Competition City – Add 750 words of Content
  3. Medium  Competition Area – Add 1500 Words of Content
  4. High Competition Area – Add 2500 Words of Content

Choose your budget for monthly content writing and continue to add content to your website.


Pase 2

Phase 3

Conversion Automation

Conversion Automation is the process of implementing the people and technology necessary to increase conversions. The combination of a results plan for improving individual pages, conversion technology, implementing an experienced virtual sales team and improving your CSR’s conversion process will ensure you have a click through rate per impression.

Conversion Automation Technology:

  • Click to Call
  • Web Forms
  • AI Chatbot
  • Online Scheduling
  • Online Texting
  • Sign up for Text Reminders
  • Sign up for Email Newsletter
  • Sign up for Virtual Service
  • Order Filters on Auto-ship
  • Sign up for Maintenance Subscription
  • Pay for Tune Up Online (Spring and Fall)
  • Order System Online
  • Sign up for Financing Online
  • Sign up for Referral Rewards Program Online

Virtual Sales Team:

By leveraging our partners Virtual Sales Team, you can outsource the process of taking leads and converting them with experienced virtual comfort advisors.

CSR Training:

Leverage our partners CSR training program to improve your overall interactions with prospects and customers.

Phase 3

Phase 4

Search Engine Optimization

Focus on getting to page 1 of Google in the organic results! Top 10

  • Test 1 phrase and location – $300 monthly. Feel what it’s like to be an option on page 1 of Google. Make some money and start a SEO plan.
  • Basic SEO Plan – 5 Key Phrases and 1 Target City 
  • Standard SEO Plan – 10 Phrases and 1 Target City
  • Premium SEO Plan – 20 Phrases and 2 Target Locations
  • Business SEO Plan – 30 Phrases and 3 Target Locations
  • Platinum –  40 Phrases and 4 Target Phrases

Make some money, then add another phrase or move up to the next plan. Keep growing – keep doing more of what works. Owning a phrase (i.e. a service) in a target GEO location (i.e. a cities) in a page 1 top 3 organic results area is like owning one of the 10 cash machines in that city – you just need to make it the BEST EXPERIENCE when they find you.

Phase 4

Phase 5

Brand & Reputation Management

Implement the technology, people and processes to start systematically building your culture, brand and reputation. 

  • Reviews & Reputation Monitoring
  • On page reviews acquisition
  • Google reviews acquisition
  • 3rd party site reviews acquisition
  • Customer Feedback System
  • Branding Evaluation Loop  
Phase 5

Phase 6

Results Plan – Conversion Rate Optimization

Once you are ranking – it’s time to implement a results plan. Within this plan – we will focus on CRO – Conversion Rate Optimization. That is making various improvements of the page through iterations and A/B variant testing. Page improvements may include the following and they are done in batches of 1 – 3 pages at a time, but not more.

  • Layout
  • Design
  • Call to Actions
  • Content
  • Video
  • Graphics
  • Assets
  • Interior Linking
  • Galleries
  • Inline Chat
  • Custom Web Forms
  • Quiz/Test/Assessment
  • Gamification
  • Promotions
  • Charts
  • Tables
  • Comparisons
  • Downloadables
Phase 6

Phase 7

Improve Social and Local

It’s time to master your digital footprint which heavily influences your overall domain and page authority rankings, in addition to heavily influences potential customers.

Social Media Marketing

  • Subscribe to Library of Graphics and DIY
  • Upgrade to Basic Posting
  • Upgrade to Custom Posting
  • Add Boosting
  • Add Advertising

Local Listings Marketing

  • Implement Content marketing strategy for Google My Business Account
  • Implement top 70 Local Listing Directories
  • Implement Content Marketing Strategy
Phase 7

Phase 8

Customer Appreciation & Rewards

Your database is growing – let’s make sure your customers know how important they are to you. It’s time to implement a customer appreciation and referral rewards program – also known us as a Top of Mind connections strategy.

Choose the number of connections per year or choose the budget and work backwards into the number of TOM Connections.

For example – 12 Touches for $25 a Year could look like this:

On your clients Birthday – they get a Card and some Cake 🙂 in the mail. 

Your client receive’s a Postcard with a home maintenance checklist every anniversary day.

  • January – Happy New Years Card with Repair Promotions
  • February – We give brownie points for referrals card and brownies
  • March – #theairyoubreathe Text Campaign with interactive quiz for lead generation
  • April – April fools day card saying Hey, we tuned up your AC Unit while you are sleeping – Just kidding, it’s time to schedule your tune-up
  • May – Text message reminder that it’s time to schedule a tuneup if you haven’t already
  • June – Memorial Day Post Card – Highlighting special discounts for Veterans’s
  • July – Happy 4th of July – Repair Specials
  • August – Here’s a water-bottle to tide you over until you give us a call to upgrade that AC System
  • September – Text messaging saying you hope they love the water-bottle and you greatly appreciate their referrals
  • October – Post card Tune Up Reminder
  • November – Winter Replacement Specials
  • December – Happy Holidays Gift and Card – Referral Rewards Reminder


Phase 8
HVAC Marketing Plans

Get a powerful HVAC Website 100% Free of Charge, and get advantage of special pricing available for our preferred partners. Contact us to see if you qualify.

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Get a powerful HVAC Website 100% Free of Charge, and get advantage of special pricing available for our preferred partners. Contact us to see if you qualify.