Goodman HVAC Dealer Website Program

Goodman HVAC Dealer Website Program

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Goodman Manufacturing has partnered with CI Web Group to launch a new corporate website.

  • This partnership marks the beginning of a collaboration on a larger marketing program based on CI Web Group’s 12-step program.
  • The program has been proven to increase first-time customers and encourages repeat business.

Houston, TX – Goodman Manufacturing has launched a new HVAC Dealer Website to build its brand and increase lead generation. As part of a larger marketing campaign based on CI Web Groups 12-step program, the website offers unique and helpful content to anyone looking for home improvement advice or information. While still at the beginning of the 12-step program, Goodman Manufacturing has already seen more interested buyers and is looking forward to implementing the next steps with CI Web Group.

“We know that Goodman Manufacturing was looking at a few firms to help with their digital marketing,” says Jennifer Bagley,CEO at CI Marketing Group, “But after hearing about the successes behind our 12-step roadmap, they signed with us.”

The website has been active for several days now, and content is scheduled to be published on a weekly basis. The goal is to build a collection of resources and articles that will build the Goodman Manufacturing brand by helping potential customers. High quality content means better brand recognition, and CI Web Group has been entrusted to build the content base with relevant blog posts and articles for increased readership.

The launch of this new website marks the beginning of an extended partnership between Goodman Manufacturing and CI Web Group. At the peak of collaboration, CI Web Group offers 12 different services that can be leveraged to build future business: Branding and Website, Website Content, CRM/Scheduling, Local Listings, Reviews, Social Media, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Blogging, Email/Text/Print, Video Marketing, Paid Advertising, and Mobile App. Stay tuned to find out how Goodman Manufacturing uses these resources to build its empire.

VP Training & Events of CI Web Group Kathy Marshall says, “This is just the beginning. We are excited to work with Goodman Manufacturing to build their brand even further, leveraging the different steps outlined in our roadmap to bring them quality results.“

CI Web Group is a digital marketing firm based throughout the US, Greece, Nepal and India that specializes in assisting HVAC contractors build their brands. Founded in 2006, they have been helping businesses by providing content, advertising, marketing plans, and other promotional materials for over a decade.. You can find a full portfolio of achievements at For more information, please reach out to Sales at 877.839.1122 or email