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Get your very own, ready-to-buy HVAC Sales Leads from the most reliable source throughout the nation! If you’re looking for real leads for your HVAC company with high purchase intent, we’ve got you covered. Our Pay Per Lead program is designed from HVAC contractors, for HVAC contractors. Do you need to reliably skyrocket your bottom line in a matter of days? Want to talk to people looking for help with their home comfort and indoor air quality? Would you just love the idea of not having to fight against your competition on pricing?

We can help. Watch our explainer video and talk to one of our expert strategists, starting today. We will help you make a data-backed decision, based on your unique circumstances and budget.

Ignite Your Lead Generation With Our Pay Per Lead Service

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Finally, a pay per lead service that works like clockwork! 

We bring to you real, qualified, and EASY TO CLOSE HVAC leads. We’ve been where you are, and that’s why we always walk the talk. We are nothing like our competitors who disguise their campaigns as sweepstakes (along with several other malpractices). They tend to coerce innocent people into completing a form. Cruel, unadulterated honesty is our beacon, and results is the name of the game. 

Every single lead you buy from us is unique to your business. They have all been checking out reviews and prices from different vendors and they are now ready to be sold.


PAY PER LEAD: Pay for unique leads, delivered in real-time

TARGETED: All the prospects are automatically paired with suppliers based on location, services and budget

MONTH-TO-MONTH:  No long term commitments. Fixed pricing. No surprises.

Digital Marketing HVAC Website Design SEO PPC


HIGH QUALITY: Leads are sourced from natural, non-gimmicky sources like sweepstakes and teasers

FLEXIBILITY: You get to choose the number as well as the type of leads

ROI-FRIENDLY: Track the ROI of your campaign right off the bat.

No Long Term Contracts

Zero Upfront Costs

No Shared Leads

Month to Month

Exclusive HVAC Pay Per Lead Service

NO COMMITMENT: You Either Love Us or Leave Us

We Front The Money For Your Campaign!

We Create The Lead Funnels!

We Send Leads To Your CRM or Provide One!

You Close MORE Sales!!!

HVAC Pay Per Lead

Exclusive HVAC Leads


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Higher ROIs. Higher Closing Rates. More Conversions. Happier Customers.

Pre-Qualified Leads. Unlimited Leads. Exclusive Leads.

The Pay Per Lead Programs have a 50 Lead Minimum

Hyper Targeted. High Intent. High Conversions.


HVAC Pay Per Lead


HVAC Pay Per Lead

Content & SEO Marketing Lead Generation & Quality Facts

This is where 70-80% of consumers click through. As a result, we're dealing with more intelligent shoppers. In addition, they will have more time for planning. Moreover, they will be way more loyal, looking for a relationship with a company, and less price sensitive. Most importantly, good response times will work with these prospects as they are typically less urgent.  Dealer reputation rankings must be 4-5 Star to get the higher end of these leads to convert this business. In conclusion, the conversion to appointment ratio for these are 50-80%. 90% of the organic searchers will click on one of the top 3 positions.

We generate organic leads by positioning the dealer website in the top 10 positions on page 1 of Google organic SERP listing. In fact, we do this through website optimization, schematic markup, web content, blogging, link building, web administration, site speed improvements, code optimization, etc.

For instance, it can take 30 days in an extremely remote area with limited competition, and it can take years for a highly competitive (high population) area. Consequently requiring a pay per click or pay per lead program to subsidize their lead generation while rankings are being worked on. 

This strategy will have a lower volume in the beginning months of the campaign and a higher cost per lead. Over time, will turn into a higher volume of lead and a lower cost per lead.

Paid Advertising (Pay Per Click/ Pay Per Lead) Ads

Undoubtedly, this is where 20-30% of consumers click through. As a result, they are 50% more likely to buy from an ad as their intent is more urgent. Moreover, they tend to be much bigger price shoppers. Apart from this they are less loyal, more driven by promotions and discounts. In addition, these leads are typically emergencies requiring SPEEDY response times from dealers. Lastly, the conversion to appointment ratio for these is 40-60%. 

First, we develop multiple landing pages with evergreen offers to capture localized leads. Secondly, we leverage multiple display, search and social digital platforms to pay for clicks based on consumer search trends and AI. Thirdly, we build targeted audiences and drive leads to our network of landing pages. Last but not least, the leads go through a rigorous 8 to 10 question qualifier. Leads are then distributed to the dealers distributor or dealer based on our agreed to process. 

It should be noted that in high population, high search volume, high competition markets we can begin generating leads quickly. On the other hand, in low population areas the search volume is so low that lead costs are too high to participate. As a result, dealer lead response times must be extremely good. Dealer reputation rankings must be 4 Star to get these leads and convert this business.

This strategy will have a higher volume in the starting on month 3 of the campaign and a higher cost per lead. We will continue to improve the quality of the lead, volume of the leads and cost per lead as the campaign has the data to make improvements. We utilize AB Variant testing to make incremental improvements.