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Technology for hvac


Let's Learn More About Technology for HVAC Contractors!

Within every HVAC business, there is many support systems from email hosting to dispatch systems. Having these organized in one place and using them to their fullest will make operations go much smoother. Additionally, having these systems rolled into one monthly payment along with a world class support team, makes working with CI Web Group that much more convenient. Let’s talk about the different technology options that we have to offer!

Online Scheduling

The ability to schedule online appointments will make working with your HVAC company easy and convenient for busy homeowners in your area. When you allow consumers to work with you the way they prefer, you will see higher conversion rates. What does that mean? More jobs booked for your team.

What else can the Online Scheduling System do?


For 24/7 online support, there are chatbots. Many online users prefer to chat over calling, so this does help decrease your bounce rates and increase your conversion rates. There are two types of chatbots the CI Web Group currently uses. The first is an AI Chatbot, the second is a live chat / texting bot. Let’s learn more about both.

AI Chatbot

Our AI Chatbot gives you the ability to present your customers with relevant resources, troubleshoot their problems, as well as request reviews, schedule appointments, and even just give their contact info so you can reach out to them when you’re available. 

Live Chat / Texting Bot

Check in the bottom right corner of this website. Do you see a chat button? Click on that and you will be able to get in touch with our team with ease. The same can be placed on your website so your team can help customers through website chat as well as texting. It’s all about making things convenient for your customers!

Call Tracking

Gauge how well your website, PPC campaigns, billboards, postcards, and more are doing. Use call tracking phone numbers and create real data that can help you make educated marketing decisions. When your team and ours can study how effective campaigns are, we can make data-driven decisions that will make future campaigns more lucrative. At such low monthly prices, call tracking pays for itself exponentially. 

Email Hosting

We’ve all seen it, at the bottom of a website. In the place of what could have been a professional, there is an old email account. This can sometimes turn away potential customers who are looking for a more professional company to work with. 

We prefer Google Workspace (used to be called GSuites) as an email host. Simply put, it’s the best platform we’ve found to date and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to run monthly. Let us know if you’re interested in getting email hosting set up, we can help you save money and handle the integration process!

Virtual Sales Team

Generating leads for your HVAC business is only half the story. The other half is all abou closing them and getting paid. What’s the point of having a beautiful HVAC website it doesn’t make you money after all? Here at HVAC Marketing Websites we have the perfect solution for you. Are you ready to expand your operations without spending a small fortune on hiring and HR?

Dispatch Systems

When it comes to logistics and operations, it’s easy to make mistakes and that’s especially true in a fast-paced environment. Here at HVAC Marketing Websites we can help you get set up with fantastic dispatch systems that help automate your routes, fleet and everything in between.

Credit Card Processing

Trust, reliability, speed and ease of doing business online. These are the basic four pillars when it comes to online sales. When the time comes for your prospect to take their wallet out and pay you their hard earned money, you have to have a reliable merchant account coupled with a payment gateway that captures payments reliably, and with 5-star security features. In absence of this, your customers will spend their money elsewhere. Today’s consumer values peace of mind.