HVAC Growth Plan - Content Builder

HVAC Growth Plans – Content Builder

If your website is the “store”, your content is your “products and services”, and SEO is what makes you “the option” (on page 1 of Google) for those consumers searching for your services in the cities they live….

Then logically we should keep adding more content and seo to drive more traffic by being more visible..

Thus, increasing your leads.

The Progress Plan – Here’s how it works.

NOTE: This service is interchangeable with the Growth Plan – Link Builder.

The Growth Hacker Strategy (2)

  1. Choose your plan and sign up online
  2. Complete the “our services & target locations” checklist online
  3. Month 1:
    1. Unlimited Pages: We will create a single page for every service and the top 3 service areas on your checklist, as well as a page for every city on your checklist. Every page will have a (SEO Titles) H1 title, H2 title, stock image and a call to action. Note: If you have an HVAC Marketing Website we will add all the pages that didn’t come pre-loaded in your website. If you have a custom website we will add all of the pages that are pre-loaded in the HVAC Marketing templates and any additional pages you identify for additional services.
  4. Month 2:
    1. We will optimize all additional pages and images (one time, on page SEO).  Meta Title, Meta Description, Key Phrase, Alt Text on Images.
    2. We will set up Advanced Web Rankings system and add all of your new search terms
  5. Monthly Thereafter:
    1. We will create content (based on the number of words in your plan) that will be used on one or more of your pages that needs additional content to improve rankings (move closer to the front page of Google). 

NOTE!  This marketing plan should be interchanged with the Growth Plan – Link Builder Program.  You don’t need Page Content forever. Once our team has all your pages in the top 2 pages on Google we will recommend that you switch to the Link Building Growth Plan and Blogging as your form of content if you wish.


Sample Page Builder (no content)