HVAC Marketing & Search Engines: Learn How To Be Effective

HVAC Marketing & Search Engines: Learn How To Be Effective

Ask anyone and they’ll tell you that HVAC marketing, SEO, and the digital landscape change dramatically on a monthly basis. In order to remain an option, you need to keep up to speed with changes as they happen, and real-time is not an exaggeration.

The smallest, unnoticed change in how search engines operate could leave you out in the cold. As of late, many of these changes are a result of Google Map Listings. So many contractors seem to be very unclear on how to differentiate between Google map listings, organic listings, and pay per click listings. Each has their own part in the master marketing plan but each is different in how it’s used, as well as in the types of results you can expect.

HVAC Marketing: The Search Page Broken Down

By better understanding how the search page is broken down, you will better be able to plan your marketing strategy for effectiveness.
Each search page is broken down into parts, three to be exact:

  • Paid or Pay Per Click listings
  • Map listings
  • Organic listings

What Do These Sections Mean?

Pay Per Click

This section works by selecting the keywords most relevant to your business and paying to be listed in the top section on Page 1 of Google. The fee isn’t a daily rate, or a flat rate but a rate that is determined by the number of times your advertisement is clicked on.

Map Listings

Map listings have become an integral part of any marketing strategy. In any localized search, map listing appears first in the results page. This is where it becomes so important to select a keyword or phrase and include your area of service. A search performed in that area will bring up the listing for your business. This section does not allow you to buy your way in. This is something that is earned. Once you reach this point, there are no cost implications if a potential customer clicks through to your website from that link.

Organic Listings

Organic listings are the most difficult to master, however when you do, you will reap the untold rewards. This section appears under the map listings on a localized search and under the pay per click advertisements where no map listings are presented. This too is an earned position that requires research and rich content to achieve. There is no way to buy your way into this area and there are no cost implications when someone uses that link to reach your website.

Where Should Your Focus Lie?

While each section comes with its benefits and is equally important as the next, map listings and organic search listings are the two areas you should focus your efforts on, especially if on a limited budget. Many people searching the internet pay less attention to the pay per click content than the map listings and organic results. These are more cost-effective for any company to try and compete. The return on investment is considered in relation to that of pay per click content. The most valuable part of appearing in the organic results is that the benefits are long lasting.

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