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About Sarsons Mechanical Heating Services LTD.

Whether it’s heat in the winter or cool air during our hot summers, the experts at Sarsons Mechanical Services Ltd. are here to make sure you have the indoor comfort you need and want all year long. For over 25 years, our certified Heating and Air Conditioning experts have been helping homeowners and business owners with their heating and cooling systems, and we are here to help you, too. We offer comprehensive services for just about all heating and cooling system types, and we specialize in heat pumps. All labor for new installations comes with a 1-year warranty and our equipment has some of the best warranties available in the industry, such as the Amana Lifetime Replacement Warranty and the Daikin 12 Year Compressor replacement warranty. Is it time for repair, replacement, installation, or maintenance at your property in The South Okanagan? Then we are the experts to call!

Sarsons Mechanical Services Ltd. provides air conditioning and heating services throughout The South Okanagan, and the surrounding areas.

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We’ve seen a lot in our 25 years of service, and one of the most common questions we hear is, “Can’t I work on my HVAC system myself?” Television shows and online videos have a way of making repairs, installations, and maintenance look easy. And for the host of the program, it is because he or she is an expert. So to answer the question posed above: unless you have expert knowledge of your system, it’s best to leave all work to a trained professional. Here are some other reasons why it’s important to hire experts to work on your heating or cooling system:

  • Mistakes can cost you money – working on a complex electro mechanical system like your HVAC leaves a lot of room for error when you don’t have the knowledge and experience needed. The end result can be a more expensive problem than the original one.
  • You’ll probably need special tools – there are a number of specialized tools needed to work on a heating or cooling system, and odds are you won’t have them. However, your trained technician will.
  • Safety issues – your heating and cooling system uses electricity and possibly a combustible fuel for heating. These are not materials an untrained person should work with as they can pose serious safety issues.
  • Expediency – when your heating or cooling isn’t working, you want the problem resolved quickly and correctly; this may not happen if you go the DIY route.

Proud to be providing Air Conditioning & Heating service in Okanagan Falls, Oliver, Summerland, BC and Surrounding Areas! It’s our hometown and your comfort is our business. Contact us today.

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