Is A Google My Business (GMB) Listing Beneficial To My HVAC Business?

What Does A Local Search Result Mean?

Local search results are always at the top of the page. You’ll find them sandwiched between the paid ads and the organic search results. They’re sometimes known by different names, and we’ll try to make sense of them all.

For example, what are the “Google Maps” listing, and what is the “Google My Business” listing? You may also want to know what the difference is, if any, between both listings.

Several years ago, you would only see seven business results at the top of the page. We called them Google Maps. Later on, Google changed their term for those listings to Google Places and then to Google My Business. Irrespective of what you choose to call it, this listing is free and beneficial to small businesses. You have to seize the opportunity to boost your business visibility. You can even customize the listing to your taste with photos, descriptions, and service listings.

In What Way Does Google My Business (GMB) Affect Conversions?

An HVAC company’s total SEO plan is no longer complete without a GMB. Its overall importance continues to increase from year to year. That’s one more reason why you should join our professional HVAC marketing services at CI Web.

As shoppers move to use mobile devices for their shopping, unlike what transpired a few years ago, GMB becomes more and more important. When a prospect searches for an HVAC business or service, their focus is usually on their geographic area. That’s why Google recommends HVAC companies near the searcher, covering a certain radius. As a result, local listings end up on the top of the page.

When the consumer sees the results, their focus is often on the top businesses on the page. They make comparisons of these based on how trustworthy each business looks. That is why you require a fully optimized GMB listing. Your listing should have loads of pictures and positive reviews, which help to build trust.

You also should have an awesome website to go with your listing. Add to that a good offer, and you’re ready to grab the attention of the HVAC service customer and give them a wonderful time.

Once you have a listing that looks trustworthy, your website is great and appropriate, and you deliver a wonderful time, then the consumer’s next move is to call your business. As you can see, GMB is a relatively easy way for small HVAC businesses to do what big businesses do. If you haven’t done so already, now is the time to grab and optimize your GMB listing. Once done, you’ll be able to get new leads to your business.

Does Distance Affect Local Search Results?

Google knows that there is the distance people wouldn’t go to reach a business. As a result, the GMB is a sure way to reach the people near you who’re searching for HVAC services. Google My Business is, therefore, an important part of any SEO campaign we run.

You might be wondering how far your company can reach with its SEO campaign. Well, that has shifted quite a bit in the last ten years.

The Google algorithm is now considerably affected by the nearness of the consumer to the business. But this is also influenced by the market area. What this means is that if you’re in a big city like New York with hundreds of HVAC companies within a 15-25-mile radius, you’re less likely to cover as many geographic steps as an HVAC contractor who is the sole provider of heating and cooling services in a community of fewer than 20,000 inhabitants.

Apart from distance consideration, other elements affect your HVAC business’ ability to appear on Google My Business Listing if you’re in a city with a large population.

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