RAD Power Site

What is that you might be asking? Rapid A$$ Deployment Site!  

Here at CI Web Group, we are always manufacturing ways to get a dealer a new website live as fast as possible. If you have NO content to transfer from an old site and just want to launch an effective HVAC Website quickly, we want to make this happen! Subscribe to a RAD Power Site… You can upgrade to a more advanced theme or custom site any time by investing the one time fee associated with your choice.  But, for now – Let’s go to market quickly with a new RAD Power Site. Here’s a link to view the basic designs:

The Process:

  • Schedule your Strategy
  • Complete the Customization Form
  • We will customize your Logo, Colors, Contact Info, Social Media Links, Google Review Link, Financing Link, Lead Form Integration.
  • Preview your RAD Site
  • Go Live with your RAD Site

Add-on Options:

  • Content Transfer is $10 per page
  • Content Writing is $100 – $1100 Per Page – Depending on the length of content, quality of writer and page add-ons such as istock images, promotional graphics, CTAs and video) – Order Content Here
  • CRM and Online Scheduling
  • AI Chatbot
  • Marketing Services
  • Technology Services

It’s all about compressing time. With things moving so fast, there is no room to move so slow.  

We also design websites that you may self-host as well as annual plans.