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Why is Optimizing for a Search Engine Important?

SEO is the act of optimizing a page or set of pages for specific keywords. There’s a lot of metrics that affect where a website can rank, but the concept of why a page ranks is actually really simple.


Google is a bot that is ranking all the pages that rank for each keyword in the order from “best” to “worst”. Interested in how your website is currently ranking on Google?

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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is often looked upon with a lot of confusion because there are so many pieces to the puzzle that is an optimized site. Our team has been doing this for years and we will be the first to tell you that it changes every single day. In fact, that’s why so many of our team members stick around. It’s a genuinely interesting field that is ever-evolving and we get to be on the fore-front of this movement! 

What’s included in our 2020 SEO Plans?

Includes Proof of Work and Proof of Progress! No set up fees and no long term contracts… Love us or leave us.

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