HVAC Social Media Marketing for Home Services Businesses

Today, billions of people around the globe use social media to interact with each other. HVAC social media can have a phenomenal impact on your business. If you are a heating and cooling company and you don’t have a social media account, it is time to get set up. Facebook is, at present, the go-to platform for any business seeking to improve its revenue and promote growth.

How Do You Successfully Maneuver Social Media?

Anything in business revolves around a predetermined plan. Social media is no different. Formulate a strategy and make use of a consent calendar to plan what you are going to post and when. It is important to always be running at least a month ahead with your plan. While time-consuming, it will be beneficial in the end. Having a strategy in place will allow you to post what your customers want to see when they want to see it. Strategically plan deals and specials into your upcoming content calendar or take note of changing seasons. Social media posts leading up to a specific event or sale will generate interest before the time arrives. Your content calendar will ensure that you are always one step ahead.

Hashtag It!

Hashtags allow you to broaden the audience reach for any particular piece of advertising. If you aren’t quite sure how to use hashtags or what hashtags to use it is easy to find ones that are relevant just by using Google to find HVAC-related terms. Hashtags categorize certain pieces of content under certain topics. It makes it so much easier for those looking for solutions to find relevant answers straight off the bat.


Videos are much more engaging than just simple lines of text or a still photograph or picture. The videos you use don’t have to necessarily be professionally created to attract attention. You are a professional in your chosen industry and you have valuable information that your customers are seeking. Showcase your repair skills in a video or record yourself answering some questions that are frequently asked. Your customer will realize how knowledgeable you are in your field and start to build trust with your company.


Social media is all about engaging your customers and interacting with them. Reply to comment, even the negative ones. Show your customers that you appreciate them and that any feedback is welcomed and useful.

Personalize It!

Who actually enjoys social media adverts? Nobody! If you begin to make every post you put up an advert, you will soon lose your following. Create posts that have a more personal touch. Customers want to see that you are also human. That you have family and friends. That you value your employees.

Customer Reviews

Not enough can be said about the value of customer reviews. This is your opportunity for some free advertising and word-of-mouth promotion. Share these reviews on your social media platforms. While some customers still follow the old rule of a handwritten review, there are others who will snap a photo of themselves enjoying their new unit and they may even tag you in it. This is a fantastic way to build up credibility and reputation among the community.

HVAC Social Media: Photo Fanatics

Avoid the use of stock photos on your website or social media posts. Authenticity is the key to building bonds with your customers. Use high-quality images and showcase your daily work or your employees. The personal touch is always going to win against the generic stock pictures.


Social media is about interaction and retaining attention. Post regularly to your social media page. Remember that Facebook and Instagram show posts to users that they think they would be most interested in seeing. If you are lazy when it comes to posting, your posts may come up in their feed but further down the pecking order with a great chance of being missed.

Social media platforms are where your customers come to engage with you and your brand. They want to be able to learn valuable information about what you do and how you can help them. An active, organized, consistent HVAC social media posting strategy will result in increased business. Get in touch with our team today.

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