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GPN Webinar: The Ultimate HVAC Marketing Scorecard: How to predict the size and growth of your business

GPN Webinar: The Ultimate HVAC Marketing Scorecard: How to predict the size and growth of your business

I often hear companies state they don’t know how they are performing online. During this session we will provide you with a score card and a process that you can use independently to evaluate your personal, your company and your agencies performance year over year. Ultimately, this system and scorecard can be used to project future years growth when you have a few years history to measure from.

Growing a business requires complete clarity, focus and execution.

Join us for a webinar to take an inside peek into how we can predict a company’s ability to grow their businesses gross annual sales through our tracking and scoring system.

Invited audience:

Goodman and Amana dealers and distributors

HVAC Marketing Training - HVAC Training Videos

HVAC Dealer Digital Marketing & Lead Generation Workshop in Houston, Tx

Digital Marketing & Lead Generation WorkshopHVAC Dealer Digital Marketing & Lead Generation Workshop in Houston, TX

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Augmented Reality
  • Virtual Reality
  • Voice Search
  • Mobile First
  • Schematic Markup
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages
  • PHP7+
  • WordPress 5.0+
  • Google Moments
  • Content Marketing
  • Streaming Video / Video

This is the ultimate Branding, Digital Marketing and Lead Generation class for HVAC Entrepreneurs. During this 2 day course, our educators will bring you through the 12 Step Roadmap to Compete and Achieve Accelerated Results in today’s high tech environment. The digital era has created a more level playing field, allowing the small businesses to compete with the industry giants, and win. Changes in consumer buying habits have created a rapid sequence of technology and marketing trends and compliance requirements for business owners technology, marketing and overall strategic approach.

Get Organized:

During this class, we will help you get setup and organized for success. Bring your laptops, login’s and let’s get busy. In order to implement an effective marketing strategy, we need to knock out the technology basics. Those basics include: Google, Domain Registrars, Social Sites, Bookmarks, etc.:

  • Ensuring you have ownership of your most valuable assets
  • Properly configuring your digital assets
  • Setting up and claiming ownership of digital assets you can’t ignore

The Audit: Evaluating and Prioritizing current Digital Position, Technology & Compliance

  • Website, Schema, AMP, PHP7+ WP 5.0+, Web Hosting / Email Hosting, Security
  • Content
  • CRM/Online Scheduling
  • Social Media Sites
  • Local Directory Listings, AI and Voice
  • Reviews – On Page, Third Party, Schematic Markup
  • SEO Rankings
  • Blogging, Content Audit & Enhancements
  • Email and Text Marketing, Database Management, Referrals, Repeat
  • Video
  • Paid Advertising
  • Mobile App

The Design: A 12 – 24 Month Marketing Roadmap

Not only will you leave with a thorough Audit, but you will have a 100 page workbook outlining your strategic plan, top priorities and major marketing milestones. This class will provide you with the roadmap for the next 2 years!

Class Goal: Design your Custom Roadmap

  • Clarity – we will get clear on where you are, where you want to go
  • Focus – we will identify the high leverage activities to focus on to make progress
  • Execute – we will map out an execution plan to help you achieve your goals

Class Goal: Understand the Basics of Effective Target Marketing

  • What you want to sell
  • Where you want to sell it
  • Ensure you are an option
  • When and where consumers are searching
  • You look good when they get there

Class Goal: The 12 Step Roadmap to Achieve Accelerated Results – Create Priority List

  • Do the right things
  • In the right order
  • At the right time

Class Goal: Define the Strategic Mindset to Make Continual Progress

  • What Works – Do More of It
  • What Doesn’t Work – Reallocate it to Something that Does
  • What’s Next – What are we not doing yet that we need to implement

How to Leverage your Marketing Budget for Maximum Results in 2019

How to Leverage your Marketing Budget for Maximum Results in 2019

Webinar Registration

February 26 @ 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm CST

As we turn the new year and start thinking about how to best position our business for Spring and Summer.

Most companies have a limited budget.
Most companies start looking for marketing agencies vs. developing their marketing plans.
Most companies talk about implementing new marketing strategies but delay until there is pain.
Most companies are not evaluating the right reporting metrics to make the best decisions.

During this session, we are going to dive into the Logic, Data, Strategies, Mindset, and Realities necessary to understand to truly make progress year over year. We will:
• discuss the 2019 consumer and technology trends/advancements that should drive you to make changes.
• cover specific reporting and tracking systems that must be in place to measure the effectiveness of your business marketing and sales efforts.
• help you understand what creates progress.
• review what causes progress to get derailed and it feel like you are moving backward.
Effective digital marketing efforts bring new prospects to your door (calls, clicks, scheduling, forms, etc). What happens when they get there? We will show you how an effective call tracking system can do more than show you what marketing strategies are delivering results, it can help you protect and leverage your most valuable assets – your prospects and team.

When entrepreneurs have limited resources it’s even more important that you invest wisely. Let’s put a plan into place to create progress.

2019 Digital Marketing Trends Webinar

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