Take Your HVAC Video Content To The Next Level

HVAC Video Content: Elevating Your HVAC Website To New Heights Without Tons of Effort

Videos have become an integral element in any marketing strategy. While throwing together a video yourself and posting it on social media may seem easy enough, how you leverage these videos as part of a marketing plan is an entirely different ball game. As daunting as the idea of trying to get as many views as possible may be, with the right strategies in place, it is not impossible to achieve. Think of any video you upload as a piece of content.

Take Your HVAC Video Content To The Next Level

You wouldn’t dare upload written content without implementing SEO, so why would you do that with a video?

  • VidlQ Vision

Install the VidlQ Vision extension to your computer. Once successfully completed you will see a small “IQ” icon at the top right side of the screen. Refresh your Youtube channel and the VidlQ dashboard will now be seen below the video. This panel is extremely informative. It will allow you to see the number of views for that video, the amount of traffic generated and so much more. While there is a free and a paid option, the free option does offer a considerable number of services and tools to you.

  • Tag It

Every video should have tags with keywords or phrases, as you would with any piece of content. The software has the ability to identify how other video creators are allocating keywords to similar video content types.

More HVAC Video Content Tips

  • Keep it Private

In this paragraph, we will talk about the importance of your visibility settings. Firstly, set your security to private while uploading the video. You are going to make changes and add SEO to the video. Secondly, by going to the info and settings section you can change the setting to private and prevent accidental publishing of the video before it’s ready for the grand unveiling.

  • Video Title

It is important to create an interesting title that is easily identified, read and understood by humans. Keyword stuffing no longer works, Google has grown wiser overtime. A perfect balance between content and readability is vital.

  • HVAC Video Description

The title for the video should be incorporated as the first line of the video description. Make the description as informative as possible and create around 400 words of text. Include taxable links that will direct your viewers to areas of the video that you have identified in your timestamps. Timestamps also assist Google and the viewer to understand what the video is about before pressing the play button.

  • Pushing the Limits

Push notifications allow your message to be relayed to your viewers or potential viewers. Go to your video manager page. On the right-hand side of the page, you will find a Google+ and Twitter logo, if you have accounts on these platforms. Copy the description of your video and paste it in the blocks above the relevant platform names. Select the boxes next to the relevant platform. All your YouTube subscribers will receive this message as a push notification.

  • Thumbs Up

Make use of thumbnails to better allow Google to understand the content of your video.

  • Closed Caption

All videos should have closed captions enabled. Transcribe your video content and place this as a caption on the video. Rev.com is one of many websites that offer transcription services for video and audio files. Upload the correctly transcribed files to your video on Youtube.

  • Cards

The ability to add cards to your videos provides you with an opportunity to point viewers to the relevant URLs, include informative images and content, and include relevant call-to-action content. You can easily direct traffic from your video to your website.

  • Annotations

Strong calls to action are part of any marketing strategy, whether written or video. Correctly used annotations can considerably improve engagement and viewership on your Youtube channel.

HVAC Video Content and HVAC Marketing: The Verdict

Video content is the way forward in marketing. No longer will reams of written content, provide your customers what they are searching for. Video allows you to create interest around what you offer, but only if you implement it correctly, for instance. Technology is advancing at such a rapid pace. Use the tools at your disposal and monopolize off a marketing strategy that is built to deliver results.

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