The Importance of Maintaining Stellar Google Business Listings

Do You Need Google Business Listings for HVAC?

In the current economic and digital climate, it is extremely important for any business to be visible online. If you’ve ever been on our blog before, you know that this visibility is achieved in several different ways, organic and paid, social or search and it goes on and on and on. Google My Business listings offer the opportunity for you to share your business details and showcase your services for the world to see.

Keep it Local For Fantastic HVAC SEO Boost

Google My Business operates in such a way that your location becomes one of the focal points for search criteria. What this means is that your business will appear in searches for services within your area of operation, increasing working and earning opportunities for you. Your company, contact details and even a link to your website is all part of Google My Business, putting you where the customers are and making you easily accessible.

Information is Key

Ensuring that your Google My Business listing is loaded with information on your business is the best form of advertising. Besides the general business and contact information, it is always a good idea to stipulate your hours of operation, upload photographs, showcase products, indicate your areas of service and include a link to book an appointment. The more information you provide, the more trust is built from the start. People searching for solutions want to have all the information they need readily available in order to make an informed decision before making a call that could just be a waste of their time and yours.

Verify It!

It’s a simple process to have your Google My Business listing verified but will give you peace of mind that everything is correctly set up and that your account is secure. You wouldn’t want anybody accessing your listing and changing details without your knowledge, would you? Bear in mind that any changes made to your listing would have to be reviewed by Google.

Expand Your Horizons

Google has recently changed the way that they show Google My Business listings. Location is the key factor taken into account so if you want to appear in more searches in your service area, this is the one listing you have to put in place.

Keep the Calls Coming

Make your listing as interactive and interesting as possible. Use the listing to provide your contact information, share news on upcoming events and special offers. Your customers can post relevant photographs or images to your listing as well. This interaction is a wonderful way to promote your business through satisfied customers.

Word of Mouth

Reviews are much more important than you may think. Imagine a customer searching for an HVAC solution and being presented with options. Only one of those options has reviews from previous customers on their listing. Don’t you think that the customer would rather go with this company with so many people praising their good work and service over the companies with none? Google My Business is an opportunity to accumulate reviews for free. Always check in to a job and always remember to request your customer to post a review. Word of mouth is paramount when it comes to the final decision.

Google Business Listings: Third time’s a Charm

A Google My Business listing offers you three chances to get noticed. These listings can appear on the knowledge panel, in the maps pack or on Google Maps. Three opportunities for you to catch their eye. If you have a stellar Google My Business listing, there is no reason why your phone shouldn’t be ringing off the hook.

Take Action!

If you already have a Google My Business listing which you haven’t paid any attention to since you set it up, it is time to take action. Firstly, make sure that the address and contact information are still correct and relevant. Secondly, you must update your photographs to include recent jobs. Thirdly, you have to start using the post option to inform customers of upcoming events, specials or new services you may have on offer.

Google My Business is your chance to take your business to the next level and experience the growth that you are seeking. Not enough time to take care of operations and your Google Listing? Don’t worry! Reach out to our experts today.

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