Ways Your HVAC Company Can Become A Social Media Master

If you are searching for new ways to create brand awareness around your brand, social media has grown into a powerful tool for this purpose. Billions of people are using social media platforms and interacting with the various videos and photos uploaded by users. Your business can leverage the power of social media by interacting with your online audience and creating brand awareness and loyalty.

Choose Your Platform

Select one social media platform to target. It is not a good idea to try to breach all the boundaries of all the platforms at once. Facebook is the platform that seems to be the most useful for business purposes so it would be a good idea to lead in that direction. Use your Facebook page, Facebook ads and Facebook groups to increase your business reach and influence.

Strategy Matters

It is important to implement a winning strategy from the start if you want to achieve a successful social media integration as part of your marketing plan. Take the time to research and learn about your audience as this will allow you to create interesting, relevant content for these readers. Many companies have lost part of their audience because of irrelevant content postings. Don’t leave your content or posts planning to the last minute. Make use of planning to predetermine your posts anywhere from a week to a month in advance.

Linked posts that send users to your website for more information:

  • Company news
  • Industry-related news
  • DIY series of posts that are run weekly
  • Community outreach programs and news
  • Customer appreciation posts
  • Live tutorial lessons

These could all form integral parts of your social media marketing strategy. Of course, the list goes on and on and you just need to get creative with your skill and knowledge.

HVAC Social Media: Hashtag It!

Hashtags give you the ability to amplify your message and expand your reach. Hashtags categorize content so that it can be shared with and viewed by a relevant audience or people searching for those particular solutions. Properly using hashtags will increase the visibility of your business on social media platforms and online. Make use of embedded links to send those searching back to your landing page for further information.

Consistency is Key

New content is what keeps your audience coming back for more. Consistently create new posts making use of visual aids, videos, and infographics to keep it interesting. Use this platform to encourage feedback from your audience. This feedback is an invaluable tool in fine-tuning your content and strategy for the people. Make use of funnels to direct your audience back to your website to find out more about your services. Ensure that wherever you lead your audience on your website, that a clear and decisive call-to-action is present.

Influencers to Influence

Influencers on social media have widely spanning networks of followers that would benefit your business. Many of these influencers are paid to name drop brands in their daily content and posts. It would pay dearly to reach out to relevant influencers to do this for your company thus increasing your reach and visibility.

More Videos, More Engagement

Video has become a popular tool for increasing engagement on social media platforms. Video has the ability to reach out to so many more users and capture their attention. The monotony of the regular text and picture posts is easily broken and given a new lease on life with the inclusion of video. Stay abreast of what’s trending in video content and give the users what they want. By putting a face to a brand, you increase trust for that brand. You are no longer just a name.

High-Quality Visuals Change The Game

Long reams of text are no longer what customers are looking for. Time is limited in today’s busy lifestyle and taking time to read what can be easily depicted in a high-quality visual, is a no-no. People today want to deal with people, not just companies. Load some real-life action shots of your team at work or some in-office pictures of the team that keeps your homepage afloat. By making that personal connection with your prospective customers, you build trust that will influence your business in a positive way.

Your Community Matters

Every customer wants to feel special in some way. Use your social media platforms to generate this feeling of appreciation among your visitors. Take the time to like or comment on their posts and engage with them by tagging them in pictures of work you have perhaps completed at their home. Use this platform to offer useful advice and tips that will be beneficial to them. Improve your social media presence and be that one unique HVAC company on the block.

You’re a Winner

Let’s face it, who doesn’t get a little excited by the thrill of a competition? Everybody loves to win something. Use giveaways and competitions to entice your followers to create a buzz about your company. You could use a “caption this” competition where the best caption wins one of your services free. To increase your following make it a rule that they must like your page, share it, and use appropriate hashtags. We all know how hashtags can increase your reach. The live video function on Facebook is a fantastic way to document and share your winner receiving their prize.

Keep It Personal for Successful HVAC Social Media

At the end of the day, business or not, personal connections matter. Target holidays, birthdays and anniversaries in your social media strategy and show your customers that you pay attention to the small details. Your customer information is right there on their profiles. Take note of birthdays and drop a special personalized message on your page, tagging them in it.

Technological advancements and the changes in lifestyles today have firmly fixed social media platforms as a daily means of communication, and it will remain that way for some time to come. Take advantage of what is right in front of you and reap the rewards. Get in touch with our team today!

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