What is HVAC Remarketing & How it Works?

A user visits an online store to take a look at the recently launched mobile handset by a smartphone-manufacturing brand. The user reads about the description, checks the product pictures, confirms the price and leaves the site without buying it. The next thing that would happen to that particular user is that he/she would see online ads, pop-up ads, banner ads related to smartphones in all his/her social media and personal online communication channels. How did this happen? This is because someone is tracking that user’s behavior.

Stalking and tracking someone is illegal in normal life, but in digital life, it is a common practice. In fact, it is a part of research in digital marketing and is called remarketing/retargeting. It enables the companies to understand what the user is looking for and filter their online surroundings accordingly. Similarly, it enables the users to see relevant ads based on what products/services they are searching for online. This is a remarkable concept and it is just the beginning of the new digital marketing era.

Here’s how remarketing/retargeting (the term used interchangeably depending upon the platform and user type) has benefitted users and brands/marketers:

  • Buyers/users/consumers get to enjoy a personalized experience while interacting with ads via their online channels (emails, social media, search, etc.)
  • Marketers get to identify the most relevant users and filter their marketing plans accordingly and allocate their budget strategically.
  • For brands, remarketing brings a high return on investment, helping to increase their revenue.

Understanding the significance of marketing, this blog aims to deep dive into the concept of marketing, how it works and how it can be used effectively to accomplish your company’s targets. Read on:

HVAC Remarketing: What it is?

Marketing or retargeting can be defined as the process of presenting ads across the Internet to the people who have visited your website, altered based on the online search/activities conducted by the targeted visitors/users. These ads appear on the platforms, which the users access the most.

How HVAC remarketing works?

When users visit a website, they often see a message, which says-this website uses cookies. There is a detailed description of how the site uses cookies to improve the user experience and suggests the users read the cookies policies of the site. The users have to either accept or reject the website’s request to allow them to track your information. When users click OK or Accept to that pop-up message, they are allowing the website to track your information and market the selective ads to improve your user experience with most relevant ads, based on your search preferences.

A cookie is a small file, which stores an enormous amount of information. The process of remarking happens in following simple steps:

  • The user visits your website for the first time
  • The user accepts the cookie pop-up request
  • An anonymous cookie is dropped in the user’s browser to track his/her information
  • User leaves the site and his/her information is tracked
  • User sees the relevant ads (to the products/services on your site) on all his/her channels (e.g. social media, email, video streaming site, etc.)
  • User revisits your website and is tracked

Here’s how remarketing benefits your HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical business:

Brand recall: Users are always busy with the overload of information being served to them. Considering the competition on the web, it is important that they are reminded of your product/service frequently for them to take action. Remarking helps in that brand recall and helps your brand be on the top of the user’s mind by making it visible in all their frequently visited platforms.

Conversion: Not every visitor that visits your website for the first time is converted to the customer. Barely 2% of them do. Remarking targets the remaining 98% to increase the conversion rate.

Types of remarking:

Now that you are indulged enough, you would be curious to know how many types of remarking you can explore to expand your customer base. Here’s the list:

Google channels:

Video remarketing: Pre rolled video ads on Youtube based on the user information provided by cookies on your site.

Search remarketing: These ads are shown on the top of search results to the users who have already visited your site and accepted cookies.

Display remarketing: These are the display ads users see on other websites they visit after visiting a particular product on a site, where they accepted cookies.

Dynamic remarketing: It includes showcasing product-specific ads based on the users who visited your website or app.


Social media remarketing: Platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Pinterest can be used to serve ads based on user preferences.

Customer list remarketing: This method can be used via both Google ads and social media marketing, where the list of contact information (provided by the customer at the time of sign in) is uploaded and enables you to serve them ads across several platforms they visit.

Strategy to integrate remarketing with your digital marketing plan:

The experts from digital marketing companies have witnessed and studied all the trends across the timelines. They bring you the key methods to strategize the integration of marketing into your digital marketing plans. Here are the key points:

  • Segment your remarketing data-not all ads are for all.
  • Tailor your remarketed ads, there’s no room for a universal approach
  • Focus on current customers and upsell
  • Convert the potential leads, strategically
  • Before investing in any particular platform to show your ads, test them for results.

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